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A Website is the face of your business in digital space

Website is the face of your business which gives you the complete inforamtion about your business across the globe 24/7. A simple URL can change the face of your business. All your marketing activies are directly or indirectly connected to your website. It serves as a primary contact for your customers. Your website serves all the information about your business including the information about your services, products, address, contact details etc. A responsive website designed and developed exclusively for your brand bring the users an idea about your services, products, your companys core values and your offerings.

Professional and tailor made website designed to suit your business requirement gains more control over your brand identity and can drive customers on your website. We perform indept analysis about your business, audiance and competetors to attract more customers to your website. We identify goals, create strategy and create a website that matches your your requrement. We maximize your website’s online potential and gacilitate a better customer experience. Starting from sitemap, wireframe designing to UI design and development, we work on your website and deliver on time which suits your business requirement.

Our Process


Our initial consultation includes the understanding your business, determining target customers and your business goals.We explain about the process of development and answer all your queries. We provide the complete information about the pricing and the process of the entire website development.


Website designing will be startegised based on the discussion during consultation. We create sitemaps that suits your business and the content will be  written by our experienced content writers makes the website content optimized . We will ensure that the website meets  your business needs in aspects that was discussed during consultation.


To provide an amazing user experience and to ensure that the visitor has easy access to the information the user need our UI / UX designers designs your websites keeping seemless and amazing user experience in mind and heart which matches your brand colors, vision and the reason for existance of your business.


Once UI/UX is developed, once we get an approval from the clients we start developing the website in the discussed platform during consultation. We work on developing the website optimzed with the content and onpage SEO. Once we complete developing the front end and the backend, We will connect back with you for final review.


After the clients approval we will test every page in Web, Mobile and Tabs to ensure that the website is responsive. We test every link, button, form to make sure they are functional. We ensure that the performace and speed of the website matches to the user experience. 


After successful testing of the entire website and clearing every phase of testing we deploy the website in clients web hosting. Once deployed we train the client about how to manage front end and the backend of the website. We provide a 30 day support to ensure that the website is bug free will all features working perfectly.

Support, Maintenance, SEO and Digital Marketing Services

  • We provide post deplotment support and maintenance along with on page and off page SEO Services. Our digital marketing services like Search engine Marketing, Pay Per Click,  Social Media Marketing, Video Ads, Social Media Optimization services will take your business to all your target customers. 

    Our amazing graphic designers and video editors helps your business in creating posts for your social media and create videos for promote your business in the digital space.

Why to choose Custom Website Designing

With a great competition in evey business in the digital space, we need to maintain SEO,  the performance of the website with a page load speed of less than 4 seconds, User interface and experience amazing. With our custom web design and development services allows you to avoid unnecessary functionalities and reduce the load times.
With a design that matches your brand strengthening design, SEO Friendly elements, robust website architecture with our competitive price. A Custom website design provides you digital presence that creates trust to the end users and meets your brand, quality and laves an amazing impression to your website visitors. 

Why Rudrani Tech


We design and develop websites that addresses major solution for the business in the digital space. Many business owners tend to neglect the advantages of having a website designed and developed that products numberous benefits. 

Save your time, money and resources by signing up with us with the below mentioned benefits. 

Websites that drives results, 

  • Affordable cost
  • Custom solutions to enterprise till micro level businesses. 
  • Experienced content, graphic, web design and development experts.
  • Digital marketing solutions along with website development. 
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Software development outsourcing is just a tool to achieve business goals. But there is no way to get worthwhile results without cooperation and trust between a client company.

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The global economy is moving towards a new identity. In order to remain competitive and profitable, the banking and finance.